Empire Studio Direct Vent Luxury 42


  • Tempered Glass View Window and a Unique Burner that delivers a rich flame pattern.
  • Traditional Fireplace is available in 36-inch and 42-inch models.
  • Choose from three required fronts.
  • Oprional doors available.
  • Accent Lighting Standard.
  • The DVX42DP91 comes with the 'Pro Flame' total control remote system.
  • The DVX42DP also come in standing pilot and electronic ignition (IPI) models.
  • As a Traditional Fireplace, the Ceramic Fiber Log set is included..
  • Ceramic Fiber Liners available or choose Black Polished Porcelain Liner.
  • Variable-speed Blower included..
  • Fireplace Safety Screen available.
  • Heater Rated up to 83% Steady State Efficiency - 37,500 BTU's nat. gas.
  • Glass size: 36-1/2" x 22", Venting: 4" X 6.5" Direct Vent
  • Provides heat during power outages.

Empire DVX42DP

DVX42DP - Studio Luxury 42

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