Empire Tahoe Direct Vent Multi Sided

The DVP36PP and DVP36SP  (penninsula and see thru)

  • Both models are direct vent units giving you the safest and most effecient burn possible.
  • Tempered Glass View Window and a Unique Burner that delivers a rich flame pattern.
  • Traditional Fireplace is available in a 36-inch penninsula or see through model.
  • As a Traditional Fireplace, the Ceramic Fiber Log set is required..
  • Ceramic Fiber Liner and accent light included.
  • Variable-speed Blower available.
  • Fireplace Safety Screen available.
  • Heater Rated up to 83% Steady State Efficiency - 35,000 BTU's N.G..
  • Venting: 4" X 6.5" Direct Vent
  • Provides heat during power outages.



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