Astria Montecito™ Wood Fireplace

The Montecito™ wood-burning fireplace excels with outstanding heat output and high-efficiency operation. The 2.0 cu. ft. firebox with 19" log capacity provides ample space for a dramatic fire within a firebox footprint that is ideal for a smaller space. The Montecito exudes classic beauty that transforms any room into an inviting gathering space. The presentation captures the treasured style of a large, traditional masonry fireplace with its finely crafted refractory and arch-design facade and door, available in a variety of options for a customized look.

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Astria Montecito™ EPA Wood Fireplace

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Montecito H4841
  Montecito H4841

Shown above in the smooth door & facade option.

Astria™ Montecito Wood Fireplace

• 55,000 BTU's heats up to 1,500 sq. ft.
• EPA certified at 3.7 gr./hr.
• Venting: requires 6" approved flue system.
• Traditional stacked brick panels create a soothing appearance.
• Three door styles to choose from.
• Two facade styles to choose from.
• Dual air controls for heat output and easy start-ups.
• Glass air wash system helps keep the view nicer.
• Outside air kit features 4" I.D. x 10'-long insulated flex and register.

Montecito H4841  fresh air intake
Montecito™ H8295 wood burning fireplace shown with smooth facade and door.
This gorgeous non-catalytic combustion controlled wood burner includes an insulated firebox top and sides, decorative cast iron log retainer, textured refractories, choice of doors, efficient air wash system, outside air adaptor, outside air kit, heat activated factory installed 200 cfm blower, double air combustion control (all in one).
H4841 $ 3,199.00
Facade and Door Required - Select Below:
MFBK smooth facade - F2320
Smooth Facade - MFBK
F2320 $ 449.00
Hammered Steel Facade MFMC - H4845
Hammered Steel Facade - MFMC.
H4845 $ 1,449.00
Smooth Steel Door MCBK - F1857
Arched Door - Smooth Steel - MCBK.
F1857 $ 879.00
Hammered Steel Door MCMC - F1858
Arched Door - Hammered Steel - MCMC.
F1858 $ 1,449.00
Cast Iron Door - BWBK - F1859
Arched Door - Cast Iron - BWBK.
F1859 $ 849.00
Optional Accessories:
Gravity kit 7B30ZK-1 - H8947
OptionalGravity Kit pulls heat to another room - 2 Elbows 90-Degree, 2 Telescopic Lengths, 2 Grill Supports
and 2 Black Grills and 2 Fireplace Adapters. - 7B30ZK-1
H8947 $ 799.00
Vent Kits - Pick One (required):
One Story & Std Pitch Roof - 16' vertical run - (Security ASHT Vent Components)
(3 - 6L48 pipe, 1 - 6L36 pipe, 1 - 6L24 pipe, 1 - 6BF-1 fire stop, 1 - 6FC-1 storm collar,
1 - 6FAR standard pitch roof flashing, 1 - 6CC Rain cap, 1 - PE-1 spark screen)
6" ASHT - std $ 1,599.00
Tall or 2 Story & Std Pitch Roof - 30' vertical run - (Security ASHT Vent Components)
(6 - 6L48 pipe, 2 - 6L36 pipe, 1 - 6L24 pipe, 1 - 6BF-1 fire stop, 1 - 6FC-1 storm collar,
1 - 6FAR standard pitch roof flashing, 1 - 6CC Rain cap, 1 - PE-1 spark screen)
6" wood - tall $ 2,699.00
Package Pricing:
Astria Montecito, refractory panels, smooth steel door, blower, smooth facade,
standard height 6" Security ASHT flue kit - $6,126.00 + $448.55 CA tax
Materials Package Price $6,614.55
Labor to install: With vertical. vent in open framing - new construction by others local area
(electrical hook up, framing & wall finish available - not included herein)
NOTE: travel charges and other services required, will alter this price $975.00
Install supplies $61.26
We also do installs in retrofit situations - remove existing fireplace and vent,
install new fireplace & vent, adjust framing & patch drywall ready for final float & texture or tile.
Situations are all different so this price will vary and is not reflected herein.
Average Installed Price $7,650.81
(typical new construction)

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