Rhapsody™ 54 Linear Gas Fireplace

Linear in design and stunningly multifaceted in effect, the Rhapsody offers a sophisticated, energy-efficient heating option for any installation that wants a modern feel. Its expansive viewing area showcases a continuous band of dramatic, wavering flames that’s enhanced by a porcelain interior with illusion panels and back-lighting. A choice of finishes adds to the beauty of the fireplace and its long, tall elegant flames.

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Rhapsody™ 54 Contemporary DV Fireplace

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Rhapsody 54 Contemporary Fireplace with Reflective Panels & Floor
  Rhapsody 54 Contemporary Fireplace with optional Satin Nickel Bezel
Rhapsody Reflection Floor
  Rhapsody Designer Floor with fire glass

Rhapsody 54

• Clean-face design features ceramic glass for optimum heat transfer.
• 51 and 39-inch-wide viewing area creates a breathtaking linear design to complement any home.
• Innovative Infini-Flame™ technology produces a continuous band of tranquil flames.
• Porcelain interior with optional illusion panels and back-lighting add WOW even when the fireplace is off.
• Unique burner design with industry-leading energy efficiency delivers more flames per BTU.
• Heat-circulating design increases warm air distribution for exceptional supplemental heat.
• Factory installed blower helps circulate warm air into a large room for maximum comfort.
• Full function remote control (T’stat, flame, blower, lighting, IPI/CPI).
• Adjustable nailing flanges and lightweight design allow for flush wall mounting and easy installation.
• Unique floor designs feature reflective panels or glass media options.
• Optional surround and bezel accessories allow for customization to your home.
• Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Rhapsody54TEN  Pro Flame Remote Included
Rhapsody 42 shown above with Reflective Porcelain Panels and black bezel.
Electronic (ipi) Model - NG - Top Vent - Rhapsody54TEN - 37,000 BTU
F2237 $ 4,999.00
Natural Gas to LP conversion kit - H8540
NG to LP Conversion Kit (Incl. orifice and regulator) - GCK-RAP42NP
H8540 $ 89.00
Required Floor (choose one from below):
(Designer floor requires 5 lbs. of fire glass)
Reflection Floor - RFK-BLP-RAP42 - F8838
Reflection Floor - RFK-BLP-RAP54
F8425 $ 729.00
Designer Floor - DFK-BLP-RAP42 - F8836
Designer Floor for fire glass, black reflective porcelain - DFK-BLP-RAP54
F8427 $ 689.00
RH Peterson Fyre Glass Colors
5 pounds fire glass required with designer floor - choose color
RHP-5# $ 55.00
Required Panel Kits (choose one from below):
(Illusion Panels require Back-light Kit)
Reflective Porcelain Panel Kit
Black Reflective Porcelain Panels (sides & back) - NPK-BLP-RAP54
H8422 $ 729.00
Cityscape Panel Kit
Cityscape Illusion Panel Kit, reflective porcelain - IPK-CBLKP-RAP54
H8420 $ 779.00
43 inch edge trim Aged Silver DFT43AS - F1037
Metroscape Illusion Panel Kit, reflective porcelain - IPK-MBLKP-RAP54
H8421 $ 779.00
illusion panel back-light kit - H8866
Illusion Panel Back-light Kit (mounts behind back illusion panel) - IPBLK-RAP54
H8429 $ 579.00
Optional Accessories:
Rhapsody Surround - F2259  Rhapsody Surround - F2259
Corner of Black Bezel Shown - choose color & purchase separately.
Surround - satin black (requires bezel below) - CSB-BLS-RAP54
F2256 $ 1,049.00
Black Bezel  Blaack Bezel
Bezel - satin black (fits inside required surround above) - BZLB-BLS RAP54
F2266 $ 589.00
Bezel - Black Nickel  Bezel - Black Nickel
Bezel - Black Nickel (fits inside required surround above) - BZLB-BLNI RAP54
F2264 $ 1,349.00
Bezel - Brushed Nickel  Bezel - Brushed Nickel
Bezel - Brushed Nickel (fits inside required surround above) - BZLB-BLS RAP54
F2265 $ 1,349.00
Vent Kits - Pick One (required):
One Story & Std Pitch Roof - 16' vertical run - (Security Vent - Direct Vent Components)
(3 - 77L74 pipe, 1 - 77L73 pipe, 1 - 77L72 pipe, 1 - F2567 fire stop,
1 - F2568 rain cap with storm collar, 1 - 77L79 standard pitch roof flashing,)
4.5" SV - std $ 749.00
Tall or 2 Story & Std Pitch Roof - 30' vertical run - (Security Vent - Direct Vent Components)
(6 - 77L74 pipe, 2 - 77L73 pipe, 1 - 77L72 pipe, 1 - F2567 fire stop,
1 - F2568 rain cap with storm collar, 1 - 77L79 standard pitch roof flashing,)
4.5" SV - tall $ 999.00
Package Pricing:
Rhapsody54 electronic ignition, NG, reflective porcelain liner kit, Reflection Floor,
Pro Flame Remote, standard height 4.5" Security Vent flue kit - $7,206.00 + $574.68 CA tax
Materials Package Price $7,780.68
Labor to install: With vertical. vent in open framing - new construction by others local area
(electrical hook up, framing & wall finish available - not included herein)
NOTE: travel charges and other services required, will alter this price $975.00
Install supplies $72.06
We also do installs in retrofit situations - remove existing fireplace and vent,
install new fireplace & vent, adjust framing & patch drywall ready for final float & texture or tile.
Situations are all different so this price will vary and is not reflected herein.
Average Installed Price $8,827.74
(typical new construction)

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