Astria™ Eros 35 PF Gas Fireplace

The bedroom, bath, study or den. Virtually anywhere you can imagine a fireplace, the Eros Multi-View Series gas fireplace fits right in without taking up additional floor space. Its compact design is the smallest footprint in the industry, yet it offers the largest viewing area and flame presentation for its size.
Enjoy the beauty of fire from multiple rooms.

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Astria™ Eros 35 PF Direct Vent Fireplace

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Eros 35PF -  F1665

Shown above with Buff Brick Liner Panel.

Astria™ Eros 35

• Available in a 35” clean-faced peninsula and see through models.
• Combo top/rear flue configuration.
• Energy saving electronic ignition.
• Pre-wired for wall switch or remote thermostat.
• Outstanding heating efficiency for increased comfort and lower operating costs.
• Beautifully crafted ceramic fiber "oak" log set with 1/2" diamond-shaped heavy-duty grate.
• Black painted interior (optional ceramic fiber liner available).
• Durable textured powder coat finish.
• Optional blower and remote control available for all models.
• Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Eros35PFDEN - F1665
Eros 35PF shown with optional Buff Brick Liner Kit
Eros 35PF- Electronic Model - NG - Top/Rear Vent - Eros35PFDEN - 30,000 BTU
F1665 $ 3,579.00
Natural Gas to LP conversion kit - H3361
Natural Gas to Propane Kit (electronic Honeywell system) - GCK-35STENP
H3361 $ 79.00
Optional Accessories:
Buff Stacked Liner MBLK-35ST -  H3207
Buff Stacked Brick Liner Kit - MBLK-35ST
H0779 $ 199.00
Skytech Remote Thermostat W/ Digital Read Out - auto & on/off
1001TH $ 199.00
Blower Kit FBK-250 - 80L81
Blower Kit with heat sensor & speed control. - FBK-250
80L86 $ 349.00
Vent Kits - Pick One (required):
One Story & Std Pitch Roof - 16' vertical run - (Security Vent - Direct Vent Components)
(3 - 77L74 pipe, 1 - 77L73 pipe, 1 - 77L72 pipe, 1 - F2567 fire stop,
1 - F2568 rain cap with storm collar, 1 - 77L79 standard pitch roof flashing,)
4.5" SV - std $ 749.00
Tall or 2 Story & Std Pitch Roof - 30' vertical run - (Security Vent - Direct Vent Components)
(6 - 77L74 pipe, 2 - 77L73 pipe, 1 - 77L72 pipe, 1 - F2567 fire stop,
1 - F2568 rain cap with storm collar, 1 - 77L79 standard pitch roof flashing,)
4.5" SV - tall $ 999.00
Package Pricing:
Astria Eros 35PFDEN electronic top/rear vent NG, buff brick panel, blower kit,
1001TH remote thermostat, standard height 4.5" Security Vent flue kit - $5,075.00 + $404.76 CA tax
Materials Package Price $5,479.76
Labor to install: With vertical. vent in open framing - new construction by others local area
(electrical hook up, framing & wall finish available - not included herein)
NOTE: travel charges and other services required, will alter this price $975.00
Install supplies $50.75
We also do installs in retrofit situations - remove existing fireplace and vent,
install new fireplace & vent, adjust framing & patch drywall ready for final float & texture or tile.
Situations are all different so this price will vary and is not reflected herein.
Average Installed Price $6,505.51
(typical new construction)

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