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Aries 45 requires framing of:
45 7/8"W x 46 1/4"H x 18 1/2"D

Capable of heating up to
1,500 ft.

Astria™ Aries 45
Direct Vent Fireplace

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Aries Fireplace Pictured with painted black interior - F3845
Astria Aries 45 w/ black interior
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Aries Closer - F3845
Aries 45 Close Up with Black Interior
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Aries 45 Fireplace Burning
Aries 45 Fireplace Burning

    Aries™ 45

    • Available in 35”, 40” & 45” models.
    • Dedicated top or rear flue connection.
    • 45” model is a combo top/rear vent.
    • Electronic ignition.
    • Operates during power outages.
    • Random, dancing yellow flames.
    • Up to 65.5% AFUE
    • ANSI Z21.88 heater rated.
    • Standard tempered glass.
    • Fireplace includes standard barrier.
    • Detailed ceramic fiber “oak” logs.
    • Black painted interior.
    • 6 Optional Liner Choices Available.
    • Durable powder coat finish.
    • Optional blower available.
    • Optional remote control available.
    • Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Here are the Downloads:



Smart Sheet

Spec Sheet

Aries 45
Aries 45 w/painted black interior
Safety Screen & logs included!
Choose your options below.
Aries 45 Electronic (IPI) NG
Top/Rear Vent ARIES45DEN-D 23,000 BTU
F3845 $2,950.00
Propane conversion kit
F4145 $145.00
Required Facades:
Choose One
Classic Black Facade
Classic Facade,
Black FCFBK45T
F3569 $230.00
Reflection Facade Black
Reflection Facade,
Black FRBK45T
F3572 $945.00
Reflection Facade Warm Chestnut
Reflection Facade,
Warm Chestnut FRWC45T
F3575 $945.00
Craftsman Facade Black
Craftsman Facade,
Black FCBK45T
F3578 $1,199.00
Craftsman Facade Warm Chestnut
Craftsman Facade,
Warm Chestnut FCWC45T
F3581 $1,199.00
Artisan Facade Aged Iron
Artisan Facade,
Charcoal/Aged Iron FABKAI45T
F3584 $1,975.00
Optional Accessories:
Blended Brown Stacked Liner FLK45BB
Blended Brown Stacked Ceramic
Liner w/o Ember Strip FLK45BB
F3813 $389.00
Heritage Brown Stacked Liner 5LKDV2HB-S F3605
Heritage Brown Stacked Ceramic
Liner Kit 45LKDV2HB-S
F3605 $469.00
Heritage Brown Herringbone Ceramic Liner 45LKDV2HB-H F3606
Heritage Brown Herringbone Ceramic
Liner Kit 45LKDV2HB-H
F3606 $469.00
Black Tie Stacked Ceramic Liner 45LKDV2BT-S F3608
Black Tie Stacked Ceramic
Liner Kit 45LKDV2BT-S
F3607 $469.00
Black Tie Herringbone Ceramic Liner 45LKDV2BT-H F3607
Black Tie Herringbone Ceramic
Liner Kit 45LKDV2BT-H
F3608 $469.00
Black Porcelain Ceramic Liner 45LKDV2BP F3604
Black Porcelain Ceramic
Liner Kit 45LKDV2BP
F3604 $395.00
Nouvelle Surround 4pc 45 DV, 55.25x46.63 SURR45-SS4S-B F4282
Nouvelle Surround 4pc 45 DV,
4 Sided SURR45-SS4S-B
55 1/4"W x 46.63"H
F4282 $949.00
Nouvelle Surround 3pc 45 DV, 55.25x41.63 SURR45-SS3S-B F4284
Nouvelle Surround 3pc 45 DV,
3 Sided SURR45-SS3S-B
55.25"W x 41.63"H
F4284 $839.00
Blower Kit FBK-250 - 80L81
Blower Kit with heat sensor
& speed control. - FBK-250
80L86 $575.00
Touch Screen Remote RC-S-TOUCH
Touch Screen Remote RC-S-TOUCH
H8865 $499.00
Touch Screen Remote RC-S-STAT
Remote RC-S-STAT
H8861 $459.00
Wireless Wall Remote WS-S-STAT
Wireless Wall Remote WS-S-STAT
H8864 $149.00
Package Pricing:
Astria Aries45TEN electronic top/rear vent, RC S STAT Remote,
NG, blended brown brick panels, blower kit, Classic Frame,
standard height 4.5" Security vent kit
$6,464.00 + $515.50 CA tax
Materials Price:
3% FEE FOR CREDIT CARDS: Add $239.39

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