FyreStar DVi-36M by RH Peterson Pricing and Options

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This DVi-36M requires a minimum fireplace opening of 38" wide X 26" high.

Heater Rated output is capable of heating up to 2,000 sq. ft. at 85% efficiency

RH Peterson's FyreStar Large DVi-36M

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RH Peterson Real Fyre DVi-36M Large Gas Insert

Pictured above with medium 3 sided surround
and optional Rose Gold Frame Overlay.

Real Fyre™ DVi-36M Large Gas Insert

    • 40,000 BTU Large Nat Gas Insert
    • Includes milivolt (pilot) ignition.
    • Venting: requires 3" Flex kit.
    • Choose Logs from 4 choices:
        1. Burnt Ancient Oak
        2. Split Burnt American Oak
        3. Burnt American Oak
        4. Charred Rustic Oak)
    • Includes variable speed blower.
    • Includes safety barrier screen.
    • Choose herringbone, traditional brick or porcelain liner set.
    • Includes remote control.
    • Runs during power outages (just no blower).

DVi-30i includes remote  Remote control included.

DVi-30M Pictured with Standard Black 3 sided medium surround & optional stainless steel frame.
ANSI approved Safety Screen and function remote included!
Choose your bricks and logs for that perfect look in your home!

DVi-36M Natural Gas - 36" Direct Vent Insert.
DVi-36M-01-32N JUST $2,449.00
DVi-36M Propane - 36" Direct Vent Insert.
DVi-36M-01-32P JUST $2,449.00
appliance gas supply flex
Gas Appliance Supply Flex - 36" - Required
525007 JUST $32.00

Fyrestar 3 sided surrounds

Fyrestar 4 sided surrounds

Surround Kits - Pick One (required):

Small Deluxe 3 sided Surround - BLACK DVS-36-3A JUST $269.00
Medium Deluxe 3 sided Surround - BLACK DVS-36-3B JUST $299.00
Large Deluxe 3 sided Surround - BLACK DVS-36-3C JUST $319.00
Small Deluxe 4 sided Surround - BLACK DVS-36-4A JUST $299.00
Medium Deluxe 4 sided Surround - BLACK DVS-36-4B JUST $319.00
Bricks & Logs ( one each required):
Fyrestar DVi-traditional bricks
Traditional Boston Buff Brick Liner
DVP-36-1B JUST $239.00
Fyrestar DVi herringbone bricks
Herringbone Brick Liner
DVP-36-1H JUST $239.00
Fyrestar DVi porcelain liner
Reflective Porcelain Liner
DVP-36-1P JUST $239.00
RealFyre DVL-36-2A Burnt American Oak Logs
Burnt American Oak Logs
DVL-36-2A JUST $464.00
RealFyre DVL-36-2S Burnt Split American Oak Logs
Burnt Split American Oak Logs
DVL-36-2S JUST $464.00
RealFyre DVL-36-2CO Charred Ancient Oak Logs
Charred Ancient Oak Logs
DVL-36-2CO JUST $464.00
RealFyre DVL-36-2CR Charred Rustic Oak Logs
Charred Rustic Oak Logs
DVL-36-2CR JUST $464.00
Optional Accessories:
ANSI Barrier Sreen
ANSI Approved Fine Mesh Safety Screen
Included JUST $0.00
DVO-30-3FG Rose Gold Overlay
Frame Overlay - Rose Gold
DVO-36-3FG JUST $289.00
DVO-30-3FS Frame Overlay Satin Stainless
Frame Overlay - Satin Stainless Steel
DVO-36-3FS JUST $209.00
Frame Overlay - Bronze
DVO-36-3FB JUST $239.00
Nest Overlay - Black (with offset frame & safety screen)
DVO-36-3NB JUST $479.00
Nest Overlay - Satin Stainless (with offset frame & safety screen)
DVO-36-3NS JUST $719.00
Mission Overlay - Rustic Black (with offset frame & safety screen)
DVO-36-3MRB JUST $619.00
Mission Overlay - Vintage Iron (with offset frame & safety screen)
DVO-36-3MVi JUST $619.00
Mission Overlay - Bronze (with offset frame & safety screen)
DVO-36-3MSB JUST $619.00
black touch up paint Black Touch Up Paint 42100 JUST $18.00
Vent Kit - REQUIRED (actual item may vary):
Most Standard Height Chimneys (3" gas flex flue top adapter & cap)
33DVASBC35 JUST $379.00
Flex Flue Pipe must be stretched out to achieve maximum of 35' per section prior to installing. (2-person process)
Package Pricing:
DVi-36M, small 3 sided surround, vent kit, remote, blower, bricks and logs
$3,832.00 & CA tax $305.60
Materials Package $4,137.60

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