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Heat output is capable of heating up to 2,100 sq. ft.

Osburn Matrix™ ob02020 Medium Wood Stove

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Osburn Matrix Medium Wood Stove with blower

Shown above with soap stone side panels.

Osburn™ Matrix Wood Stove

    • Up to 75,000 BTU's.
    • EPA Approved Wood Stove.
    • Venting: requires 6" approved flue system.
    • Recommended Heating Area (sq. ft.): 750-2,100
    • Choose side panel color below.
    • The two top soap stone panels are included.
    • Quiet, variable speed blower is included.
    • Color: Painted black with colored side panels.
    • Glass air-wash system.
    • Max log length = 20".
    • Emissions (grams/hour): 3.9 g/h
    • Firebox lined with refractory bricks for better heat distribution.
    • Stainless-steel secondary-air system aids gas combustion.

Osburn Matrix - ob02020
This EPA Phase II wood stove comes with a blower.
Shown above with the black side panels option.
Osburn Matrix ob01520
Osburn Matrix Black Steel Wood Stove shown with the soap stone side panel option..
ob02020 JUST $2,599.00
Side Panels (REQUIRED, choose one):
oa10700 soap stone panels
Black Decorative Side Panels
oa10700 JUST $379.00
Soap Stone Decorative Side Panels
oa10701 JUST $799.00
Options & Accessories (optional):
5" fresh air intake kit (required with mobile homes)
AC01331 JUST $139.00
5" X 48" insulated intake duct
AC02090 JUST $49.00
Black Touch up Paint Touch Up Paint Black 42100 JUST $18.00
Dura Tech Pipe System
Vent Kits - Pick One (required):
8' ceiling & Std Pitch Roof - (Simpson DVL & Dura Tech Vent Components)
(6" Connector W/stove adapter - 6', Support Box, up to 8' class A, roof jack, cap & storm collar)
6" wood - std JUST $1,095.00
12' Ceilings W/- 16' max height chimney (DVL & Dura Tech Vent Components)
(6" Connector - 10', Support Box, up to 16' class A, roof jack, cap & storm collar)
6" wood - tall JUST $1,595.00
Optional Offset of Connector Pipe (if required) Uses (2) - 45 degree elbows 69120
(requires two 2)
JUST $79.00 ea.
Package Pricing:
Matrix Painted Medium Stove, Pedestal, Black Side Panels,
standard height vent, variable speed blower - $4,073.00 + 324.82 CA tax

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