Fiberglow™ Gas Logs

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Napoleon's Fiberglow™ Log Sets

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Fiberglow GL18NE Logs
× GL18NE

Fiberglow™ 18 - GL18NE Shown Above

No need to split and haul wood to your masonry fireplace, simply replace with a
realistic Napoleon Gas Log Set. In today’s demanding society, where life never
seems to slow down, we crave the simple pleasures that bring back relaxation,
comfort and treasured times with family and friends. Napoleon’s gas log sets
feature an electronic ignition, a clean burning infrared radiant heat burner
system and also offer the option of switching to a more contemporary river rock
setting. Whether you choose the FIBERGLOW™ logs or the river rock option,
Napoleon’s gas log sets add ambiance to your home.

GL18NE Fiberglow 18" gas logs
Fiberglow18" - Nat Gas - GL18NE - Up to 55,000 BTU’s - 50% flame/heat adjustment
16”h x 20 3⁄8”w x 13 ¼”d
272253 JUST $799.00
W175‐0347 - 18" Fiberglow NG to LP conversion kit.
272254 JUST $69.00
GL24NE Fiberglow 24" gas logs
Fiberglow24" - Nat Gas - GL24NE - Up to 60,000 BTU’s - 50% flame/heat adjustment
16”h x 26”w x 13 ¼”d
272255 JUST $849.00
W175‐0348 - 24 " Fiberglow NG to LP conversion kit.
272256 JUST $69.00
GL30NE Fiberglow 30" gas logs
Fiberglow30" - Nat Gas - GL30NE - Up to 65,000 BTU’s - 50% flame/heat adjustment
16”h x 30”w x 13 ¼”d
272257 JUST $949.00
W175‐0346 - 30 " Fiberglow NG to LP conversion kit.
272258 JUST $69.00
Options & Accessories (optional):
Skytech 1001TH
Skytech Remote Thermostat W/ Digital Read Out - auto & on/off
1001TH JUST $199.00
Skytech Thermostatic Remote with digital screen - F45
272249 JUST $149.00
Log Set Labor Pricing:
Clean Chimney and fire box with install $150.00
Install Log Set $450.00
Travel Charges and additional required work will alter these prices.
Install Price $600.00

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