Napoleon's Ascent™ B36

The Napoleon Ascent™ 36 Gas Fireplace adds ambiance to any room and is perfect for builders and homeowners alike. The shallow depth allows for versatile installations where space is at a premium and is also ideal for corner applications. The clean face design of the Ascent™ 36 maximizes the viewing area so the realistic flames and hand painted PHAZER® log set are enjoyed to their fullest.

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Heat output is capable of heating up to 850 sq. ft.

Ascent™ B36NTRE DV Gas Fireplace

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Ascent B36 shown with optional Black Heritage Front
× B36
  Ascent B35 shown with optional 2" trim
× B36
Ascent B36 Log Burner, included
× B36
  Ascent B36 Shore Fire & Beach Fire options
× B36

Shown above with logs & optional fronts.

Napoleon™ B36 DV Gas Fireplace

• Exclusive PHAZER® log set included.
• Pan style burner.
• Back-up control system ensures reliable use, even during power failures.
• Millivolt or Electronic ignition systems available.
• Flex connector complete with shut off (Electronic ignition system only).
• Optional variable speed blower kit with heat sensor switch.
• Pre-wired for wall switch not included.
• Optional media enhancement kits include Beach Fire and Mineral Rocks.
• Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Ascent B36NTRE:
Ascent B36NTRE
Shown with optional beveled trim.
Electronic Ignition - 18,000 BTU
Ascent B36NTRE
Shown with optional Herritage Front and 2" Trim Kit,
Ascent™ B36 NG - top/rear vent - 18,000 BTU  - B36NTRE
1031237 JUST $1,999.00
Natural Gas to Propane Conversion Kit - W175-0399
2492918 JUST $79.00
Options & Accesories:
PRPB36 Reflective Porcelain Panel Kit
Porcelain Reflective Panels - PRPB36 - (recomended)
2477774 JUST $239.00
AUB Blower kit
Blower Kit - Variable speed with heat sensor switch - AUB
2477757 JUST $249.00
MKE30 - Shore Fire Media Option
Shore Fire Rock Media Kit - MKE36
Included support bracket suitable for Beach Fire & Mineral Rock Kits.
3558683 JUST $239.00
REK - Mineral Rock Media Option  Required support bracket with the river rock or Beach Fire options
Beach Fire Driftwood Media Kit - DLE
Support Bracket - RR30 (required with Rock & Beach Fire Media Kits when used alone)
JUST $189.00
JUST $39.00
REK - Mineral Rock Media Option  Required support bracket with the river rock or Beach Fire options
Mineral Rock Media Kit - REK
Support Bracket - RR30 (required with Rock & Beach Fire Media Kitswhen used alone)
JUST $189.00
JUST $39.00
Heritage Decorative Front - Black Finish - H30F
Heritage Decorative Front - Black Finish - H35F
2477753 JUST $189.00
Z30F Zen Front
Zen Decorative Front - Black Finish - Z35F
2477754 JUST $189.00
Clean Face Decorative Front - Black Finish - CFF
Clean Face Decorative Front - Matte Black Finish - CFF
3558660 JUST $459.00
TK30 2" Trim Kit
2" Trim Kit - TK35
2477776 JUST $149.00
BT30K Beveled Trim Kit
Beveled Trim Kit - BT36K
3558897 JUST $229.00
Skytech 1001TH
Skytech Remote Thermostat W/ Digital Read Out - auto & on/off
1001TH JUST $199.00
Napoleon Digital Wall Thermostat
Digital Wall Thermostat (not used if remote thermostat used)
105664 JUST $79.00
Skytech Thermostatic Remote with digital screen - F52
17059 JUST $239.00
black touch up paint
metallic Black Touch Up Paint
43210 JUST $19.00
Vent Kits - Pick One (required):
Dura Vent DV Vent Kit
      Dura Vent DV Vent Kit
4 X 6-5/8 Dura Vent Kit - Horizontal' Chimney 4 X 6 Gas horiz JUST $599.00
4 X 6-5/8 Dura Vent Kit - One Story to 18' Chimney
(1-69416, 1-69429, 2-69401, 1-69443, 1-69452, 1-69462, 1-69458, 1-69428)
4 X 6 Gas Std JUST $749.00
4 X 6-5/8 Dura Vent Kit - Two Stories to 28' Chimney
(1-69416, 1-69429, 2-69401, 2-69443, 1-69452, 1-69462, 1-69458, 1-69428, 2-69446)
4 X 6 Gas Tall JUST $899.00
Roof Flashing - 1/12 to 7/12 pitch 69464 JUST $89.00
Roof Flashing - 8/12 to 12/12 pitch 69465 JUST $99.00
Package Pricing:
Napoleon Ascent B36NTRE, electronic ignition NG, porcelain panels, blower,
log burner kit, black Heritage Front, standard height 4 X 6" DuraVent flue kit
$3,425.00 + $273.14 CA tax
Materials Package Price $3,698.14
Labor to install: With vertical. vent in open framing - new construction by others local area
(electrical hook up, framing & wall finish available - not included herein)
NOTE: travel charges and other services required, will alter this price $975.00
Install supplies $34.25
We also do installs in retrofit situations - remove existing fireplace and vent,
install new fireplace & vent, adjust framing & patch drywall ready for final float & texture or tile.
Situations are all different so this price will vary and is not reflected herein.
Average Installed Price $4,707.39
(typical new construction)

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