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Heat output is capable of heating up to 2,000 sq. ft.

Napoleon's Huntsville 1400ML EPA Wood Stove

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Huntsville 1400ML Leg Model Stove

Napoleon™ 1400ML EPA Wood Stove

• Up to 70,000 BTU's.
• EPA Approved Wood Stove.
• Venting: requires 6" approved flue system.
•Recommended Heating Area (sq. ft.): 850-2,000
• Optional quiet, variable speed blower.
• Color : Metallic black.
• Glass air-wash system.
• Ash drawer with lid, available.
• Emissions (grams/hour): 3.5 g/h
• Firebox lined with refractory bricks for better heat distribution.
• Stainless-steel secondary-air system aids gas combustion.

1402M EPA Insert
This EPA Phase II wood stove is loaded with features and options.
The doors and legs are sold separately so you can choose the look you want!
Huntsville 1400ML
Huntsville 1400ML Black Steel Wood Stove with Pedestal (legs required)
300580 JUST $1,449.00
Doors Required - Pick one
(matching spring handles for door and air control are included with door):
H222M - Arched Door - Cast Iron Black
296633 JUST $339.00
H222-SS - Arched Door - Cast Iron Satin Chrome Plated
16818 JUST $579.00
Legs Required - Pick one
200M - Traditional steel legs - Black
300582 JUST $199.00
202CM - Cast Iron Black Ornamental Legs
300583 JUST $229.00
202CSS - Cast Iron Stainless Steel Ornamental Legs
16851 JUST $539.00
Options & Accessories (optional):

EPAD-KTM - Optional Ash drawer for leg model stove
300585 JUST $239.00

EP62M - Blower Kit - Variable Speed Control (REQUIRES LEG GAURD)
300584 JUST $299.00
Leg Guard for blower kit above (REQUIRED) - W320-0011M 3575915 JUST $34.00
EP36 - Thermostatic Switch for Hot Stove Only Blower Mode 57245 JUST $64.00
115KT - Outside Air Kit (required in mobile homes)
with 4' insulated flex and through the wall vent.
106466 JUST $119.00
GS200-G - Pedestal Model Trivet Gold Plated (black comes w/unit)
16404 JUST $129.00
GS200-SS - Trivet Satin Chrome
16917 JUST $129.00
Black Touch up Paint Touch Up Paint Black 42100 JUST $18.00
Dura Tech Pipe System
Vent Kits - Pick One (required):
8' ceiling & Std Pitch Roof - (Simpson DVL & Dura Tech Vent Components)
(6" Connector W/stove adapter - 6', Support Box, up to 8' class A, roof jack, cap & storm collar)
6" wood - std JUST $1,095.00
12' Ceilings W/- 16' max height chimney (DVL & Dura Tech Vent Components)
(6" Connector - 10', Support Box, up to 16' class A, roof jack, cap & storm collar)
6" wood - tall JUST $1,595.00
Optional Offset of Connector Pipe (if required) Uses (2) - 45 degree elbows 69120
(requires two 2)
JUST $79.00 ea.
Package Pricing:
Huntsville 1400ML Painted Black Stove, Black Door, black steel legs, standard height vent,
variable speed blower kit, leg guard and thermostatic control - $3,479.00 + $277.45 CA tax
Labor to install local area: With vertical vent through composition, metal or shake roof.
("S" tile roofs require extra parts & materials)
Note: travel charges and other services required, will alter this price $950.00
Install supplies $37.49
Remove existing stove if present $150.00

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