Gemini™ CD 40 DV Gas Fireplace

The awe-inspiring Gemini CD Series direct vent gas fireplace is truly one for the modern age. Fashioned with an elegant two-piece façade, porcelain liners, and crushed glass media, the Gemini CD features represent magnificent simplicity. Optional features like high-definition driftwood logs and tumbled river stones punctuate its contemporary appeal. The Gemini CD is modern sophistication at its finest.


Gemini CD 40 Contemporary Direct Vent Fireplace

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GeminiCD35DEN with reflective porcelain panels -  F2457
  GeminiCD35DEN shown with optional river rocks

Shown above with both stainless & black facades.

Astria™ Gemini 40 CD

• Available in 35” and 40” models.
• Combo top/rear flue configuration for all models.
• Electronic ignition battery backup for operation during power outages.
• Intermittent/Continous pilot switch (IPI/CPI) switch conveniently hidden on façade base, standard.
• Wall switch provides variable flame settings.
• Outstanding heating efficiency for increased comfort and lower operating costs.
• Two-piece façade in black, stainless or mixed (required option).
• Standard tempered glass and 2015 ANSI barrier compliant.
• Reflective crushed glass media available in a variety of colors.
• Full three-piece black reflective porcelain liners included.
• Optional On/Off remote control and blower available for all models.
• Limited Lifetime Warranty.

GeminiCD40TEN - F2459
GeminiCD40DEN - shown above with Black Facade & River Rocks option.
GeminiCD40 - Electronic Model - NG - Top/Rear Vent - GeminiCD40DEN - 20,000 BTU
F2459 JUST $1,899.00
Natural Gas to LP conversion kit - H3361
Natural Gas to Propane Kit GCKSKT5655NP
F2492 JUST $69.00

Required Facades - Order one(1) Base and one(1) Panel:

Stainless Panel on Black Facade Base
Black Base with Stainless Panel

Black Panel on Black Facade Base
Black Base with Black Panel

Black Panel on Stainless Facade Base
Stainless Base with Black Panel

Stainless Panel on Black Facade Base
Black Base with Stainless Panel

Black Facade Base - FBBK40CD F2462 JUST $379.00
Stainless Facade Base - FBSS40CD F2463 JUST $489.00
Black Facade Panel - FPBK40CD F2466 JUST $369.00
Stainless Facade Panel - FPSS40CD F2467 JUST $449.00
Optional Accessories:
RH Peterson Fyre Glass Colors
5 pounds fireglass - choose color
RHP-5# JUST $55.00
CD Driftwood Log Set
CD Driftwood Log Set - Gulf Shores. - DRFTWD-GS
F2487 JUST $239.00
18 Multi-Colored Tumbled River Stones
18 Multi-Colored Tumbled River Stones. - MTRS
H7536 JUST $189.00
on-off-remote - F2236
On/Off Remote and Receiver with White Wall Plate. - RCKIT4001
F2236 JUST $129.00
Blower Kit FBK-250 - 80L81
Blower Kit with heat sensor & speed control. - FBK-250
80L86 JUST $349.00
Vent Kits - Pick One (required):
One Story & Std Pitch Roof - 16' vertical run - (Security Vent - Direct Vent Components)
(3 - 77L74 pipe, 1 - 77L73 pipe, 1 - 77L72 pipe, 1 - F2567 fire stop,
1 - F2568 rain cap with storm collar, 1 - 77L79 standard pitch roof flashing,)
4.5" SV - std JUST $749.00
Tall or 2 Story & Std Pitch Roof - 30' vertical run - (Security Vent - Direct Vent Components)
(6 - 77L74 pipe, 2 - 77L73 pipe, 1 - 77L72 pipe, 1 - F2567 fire stop,
1 - F2568 rain cap with storm collar, 1 - 77L79 standard pitch roof flashing,)
4.5" SV - tall JUST $999.00
Package Pricing:
GeminiCD40DEN electronic top/rear vent NG, black facade base, stainless facade panel,
5 lbs. glass, driftwood logs, blower kit, standard height 4.5" Security Vent flue kit.
$4,119.00 + $328.49 CA tax
Materials Package Price $4,447.49
Labor to install: With vertical. vent in open framing - new construction by others local area
(electrical hook up, framing & wall finish available - not included herein)
NOTE: travel charges and other services required, will alter this price $975.00
Install supplies $41.19
We also do installs in retrofit situations - remove existing fireplace and vent,
install new fireplace & vent, adjust framing & patch drywall ready for final float & texture or tile.
Situations are all different so this price will vary and is not reflected herein.
Average Installed Price $5,436.68
(typical new construction)

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